Complementary Options

Material Science

In Short

The course is concise, covering many of the important topics in Physics. However, it isn’t particularly broad, and serves spectacularly as a tool-kit and a framework to build upon throughout later years.

The course builds on the A-Level syllabus well, pursuing ideas learnt at school to a more detailed and rigorous standard. As the year goes on gradually more novel topics are introduced, though the assumed knowledge is mostly minimal meaning whatever your physics background you shouldn’t feel completely out of your depth.


Mostly a recap from A-level Maths mechanics modules

Mostly an extension to A-level SHM (I hope you love pendulums!). Extends the ideas to cover damped motion as well as oscillations is circuits.

Extends concepts learnt in Oscillations to propagating waves. Covers some basic optics and a short introduction to quantum mechanics.

Rotational Mechanics and Relativity:
Very different from the other modules, rotational mechanics discusses gyroscopes etc. and is perhaps somewhat idiosyncratic. Relativity gives and introduction to basic special relativity.

Gives and introduction to both electric and gravitational fields, is somewhat mathematical, but is very useful if you wish to study Physics in second year and beyond.

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