The Darwin Society is Christ’s College Cambridge’s Science Society and has been a part of Christ’s since 1937. We are freely open to anyone with an interest in science! We are named after one of our alumni, the famous naturalist Charles Darwin, whose work The Origin of Species became the foundation of modern biology.

We host free talks given by leading scientists which has included Nobel Laureates (refreshments included!), various swaps with other college science societies, a black tie dinner in Lent term and a free garden party after your exams.


Upcoming Events

We have a very exciting Easter term planned ahead of us:

Week 0: 22nd Apr – Darwin Lecture (Prof Florian Hollfelder) & Dinner

Week 1: 28th Apr – Talk: Bringing afterlife to life at CERN (Prof Oleg Brandt)

Week 2: 3rd May – Talk: Darwin in Patagonia (Stuart Blake)

Week 3: Social (TBC)

Post Exams: Mid-June Garden Party & AGM


What we do


We host scientific talks on a full range of disciplines! Recent examples have included High Energy Physics, Functional Proteins, Plant Physiology, and Evolution, as well as our annual undergraduate research talks event.


We regularly hold socials in conjunction with our talks, workshops, and other events to facilitate connections between science-lovers. These include movie nights, inter-collegiate formal swaps, origami events, board games, and more!

Workshops and More

We host workshops and tours of science-related sites, such as the Institute of Astronomy Observatory this year, and the Herbarium at the Botanic Gardens last year! If you have any ideas about other places we could go, don’t hesitate to suggest them to us!


Welcome all!

We frequently hold social events in conjunction with our talks, workshops etc. to facilitate connections between science-lovers. We host workshops and tours of science-related sites (laboratories, gardens etc.). If you have a particular idea, don’t hesitate to suggest it to us!

We are really looking forward to an exciting new year with the Darwin Society. Look out for events such as academic talks, workshops, formal swaps with other colleges (Trinity, John’s and Pembroke featured last year, amongst others)! We are one of Christ’s College’s most active societies and we are planning to expand even further.

For new freshers, welcome – congratulations on making it this far! Look out for our stall at the college Fresher’s Fair and for our Freshers drinks – come along to meet new friends throughout college.

Keep an eye out on our Instagram (@christsdarwinsoc) or our Facebook page (Christ’s College Darwin Society) for more updates closer to the time; term card coming soon!

Darwin love,


Darwin Society President 2023/24

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