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Materials Science

In Short

I found part IA Chemistry to be a good course; while it didn’t add much new material to my pre-university knowledge, everything was explained better and more methodically. New things this year were slight extensions of my organic knowledge, kinetics and thermodynamics, and a much better treatment of molecular orbitals.

The lecturers for Chemistry in IA were all highly competent, and engaging. Though on occasion lectures can contain a lot of waffle.

Practicals are mostly really interesting (one afternoon every two weeks), though sometimes producing colourless liquid three times in a row gets a bit dull! They are marked but moderation means everyone gets the same mark unless you’re truly abysmal.


The Shapes and Structures of Molecules (Wothers)
Reactions and Mechanisms in Organic Chemistry

Reactions and Mechanisms in Organic Chemistry
Energetics and Equilibria
Kinetics of Chemical Reactions

Inorganic and materials chemistry

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