I’ve met my offer

The college will be sending you exhaustive information, as will the JCR. This page is intended to contain light-hearted, informal advice from Christ’s students.

Firstly, on or before arrival, you’ll receive Raven access. You can use this login to the restricted access areas of this site. Since you’ll be able to choose and change subjects for a couple of weeks after arrival, check department websites or our Subject Guide to make an informed decision! Don’t worry if you’re still in the dark the Sunday you arrive – things move quickly after that.

There is absolutely no need to come with bought textbooks:

  • The college library is well stocked
  • The library does a ridiculously cheap book sale

You can keep preparatory work to a minimum – maybe some gentle reading to get your summer brain ticking over. As far as I know, for biologists at least, ‘summer work’ which you may or may not be sent for maths is never mentioned in college, let alone marked.

For Physical Natural Scientists, you’ll be encouraged to do the Workbook for the Maths course. It should mostly be revision for you, and you may not be asked to hand it in. However, it still makes good practice before starting term and if you haven’t encountered any topics on it, the first few weeks of term will be the best time to cover it.

Most importantly, look out for any notices, invitations etc. Darwin may have left in your pidges when you arrive! See you soon.