Freshers’ Drinks

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Date(s) - 09/10/2014
7:00 pm - 11:30 pm

Function Room


At the start of every year, we try and get all the new and old Scientists at Christ’s together for some fun. As usual, all subjects run their drinks on this night, so as a scientist you’ve got no reason not to come, and ours is gonna be the best!:

  • There’s more of us than anyone else so you’re bound to meet great people
  • We get the best place in college for drinks
  • We’re gonna get some good music / games etc. this year
  • I’m making a bold promise to have the most EtOH / sugar per capita of any subject

All years (& Grads) should make a real effort to be there, whether you’re drinking or not, since this is a great introduction to the society. Some of you’ll be getting invites in your pidges…

This year the JCR has less money for this event, so we’re asking the older years especially to be prepared to bring their own, or buy of us at cost, once the free stuff runs low. To get you in the spirit (:P) some NatSci themed cocktails (and softs) making an appearance will include: Sex on The Beagle, Large Hadron Colada, Galapagos Island Ice Tea…

See you soon x