In Natural Sciences, textbooks vary in importance. Some subjects do not require as much use of a textbook compared to others. However, they are still valuable as a reference and often  provide more lucid accounts than can be found on Google or Wikipedia.

Lecturers will usually list the recommended textbooks on the first handout you receive in a course, and they will also be listed in the various course guides.

The college library has many different books and you can always check one out if you need it. The LibrarySearch service will also help you find the books that you need. The college library also hosts its own bok sale at the begining of each year, although only of old editions, and supply is limited.

You can also obtain a copy of some Cambridge University Press books via Cambridge Books Online, for example Mathematical Methods for Physics and Engineering, by Riley, Hobson, and Bence can be found here.

If you wish to buy a textbook from a Student at Christ’s, look no further (than below), to see the Textbook Database, which seeks to put you in contact with someone who wishes to sell their textbook. We’ll begin filling this up as term starts.

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