Welcome to our incoming freshers and welcome back to our returning students!

Following on from the successful work of last year’s Darwin committee, we have been busy planning events for you this summer. Thanks from all of us to the previous presidents, committee and speakers for making it such a memorable year! This year, look out for formal swaps, documentary screenings, drink evenings and as ever a wide selection of talks. The popular Darwin dinner will return at the end of Lent term with an exciting guest speaker.

Freshers, there will be an invitation to welcome drinks in fresher’s week – an excellent chance to meet your fellow first year natscis as well as some of the older years. In addition, we’ll run a second hand book sale in fresher’s week if there are any key textbooks that you really want your own copy of. In the meantime, get excited for the year ahead!

For anyone who is interested, the list of confirmed speakers and the new committee are up. Feel free to drop us an email or catch us at the Christ’s fresher’s fair!

Darwin love

Welcome to the Darwin Society 2015/16

Hello everyone,

Another academic year has passed, and after packed terms of swaps, speakers, and science a new committee have taken over running of the society. As a member of the previous committee, I would like to extend my thanks from all of us to the wonderful DarwinSoc members at Christ’s College, our sensational speakers, and those other college science societies who we went on socials with for making it such a memorable year!

Now me (Tim) and Miriam are co-presidents, and we have a new committee including Matt, Hannah, Caroline, Niall, Greg, James, Abby and former president Josh (Please see the committee page for CRSids and such should you want to get in touch with any of us).

We’re currently in the process of planning next year, and on top of our usual swaps and speaker events we are also planning other new events (such as a book sale), and this year we hope to provide a comprehensive and complete subject guide and Darwin Drive here on the website.

We look forward to seeing everyone next year, do please have a wonderful summer!

Darwin Love.

Facebook Page

We hope everyone has enjoyed our events over the past two terms, particularly the annual dinner last week – the committee as a whole are really grateful to everyone who came along, and made it such a memorable end to a fantastic year for Darwin!

With Easter rapidly approaching and elections for the new committee, we’re winding down for the time being until the annual extravaganza that is the Garden Party in June.

In the meantime though, do like our new page on Facebook which is buzzing with activity as we upload all the fantastic pictures from the dinner.

Have a great Easter break, and look forward to seeing you all soon!

Welcome Freshers!

Welcome to Christ’s! We hope you settle in, meet great people, and have an awesome week. Everyone should have a welcome from us, and a Subject Drinks invitation.

Have a great week, and enjoy starting the NatSci course. See you on Thursday!

New Website

Welcome to the Darwin Society’s new website.

The Darwin Society is Christ’s College Cambridge’s science society, and is responsible for the organisation of educational and social events on behalf of science students at Christ’s.

This website will be home to several projects we’re setting up this summer: A database of textbooks for sale; an undergraduate subject guide; and a drive for the sharing of resources.

Exciting events to look forward to in the coming academic year include: Welcome drinks for new members, alumni dinner, NatSci dinner, a diverse range of talks, day trips, formal swaps, the summer garden party etc. etc.

Hope to see you soon!

Josh and Fiona